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Few lines about my friends

The success of an individual mainly depends on the inspiration and confidence shown by the friends. Ours was the best team as far as the unity, integrity and understanding goes. Till date we are in touch with each others.

Few lines about the hostel

Well, I did'nt had the opportunity to stay in hostel nevertheless those who stayed speaks high about it.

Few lines about the school

On a hilltop with beautiful landscape surrounded by lush green trees and a lake at the foothold my school was the best both in terms of environment and the education. I enjoyed each and every moment by learning, playing and interacting with one and all.

Few lines about my class and name of my friends

I studied in class X C year 1983-84. My friends to name few were : Badri Narayan, UVR Murthy, Sunil Menon, Manish Sharma, Amitabh Saxena,Rajesh Noukaria,Rajesh Saxena, Nitin, Harish Lakhani, Sudip Haldar, Uma Pare, Anuradha Inamdar, Sunita Graver, Junita Betole.

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Batch 12th


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